Saturday, October 15, 2016

like bread with butter

Little truffles of snow were falling as I went out to get milk for tomorrow. The snow is slipping down the ladder of darkness to fall gently on the cars.
I put the milk away and came back to Don Domanski.   I am working backwards in the book.  I like to start a book of poetry from the back especially since I have read this book before.

I have found out rather late in life that I can get other poetry books from other libraries. I have requested a bunch of them and I just have to wait. It's like getting Christmas presents all through the year.

Tomorrow I go to help dad clean out his garage. I take mum to the Little India place and H&W produce. If mum is too tuckered out we will simply wait until next week.

I have discovered it is best to repeat efforts until success arrives.  Outside the snow is repeating it's endless work of covering the world with mushrooming clouds.

Inside the writing room is stuffed to the brim. I am still organizing papers from the last five years of hell which is life.  There will always be things to organize. I have my pretty things on the desks.  I have the crop of pictures on the wall. I love to have the room just the way I want it with different shapes and sizes of mirrors. I have small pieces of garage sale pottery. I have the clock that tells me to keep on going. Everything is cheap, second hand and well loved. I can't  imagine how they found me.

The best piece of furniture in the room is the small chest with small drawers that I will use to put my paints in when I start water colour work.  Next to it I have put ten million colouring pencils. It is taking me a while to feel the urge to use the collection. I will wait until I really want to make something.

For the most part poetry does everything for me but I don't see why the work in pencils won't augment the writing. Most poetry I feel would go with drawing like bread with butter.

The writing room is still full of stuff that I need to organize as well as younger boy's paintings that I want to frame but I take my time. Life is long. I don't have to be a fast runner. I can be as slow as I want to be.

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