Saturday, October 8, 2016

less is more

Over the last day I took my children's books to the Goodwill store where most of my home is ending up. It was a sad business but it had to be done as the boys do not want to keep the books. I am still decluttering and I have more book cases to go through but for now I am simply resting in the ease of a less is more position.
Because Helva was filled to the brim with the books I donated I can now see the books left that I want to keep. I will still prune the shelves because there are still a great many books that don't have any interest for me now but I will do the further removals in a slow fashion. I also have put the stuff in the bonus room like older boy's weights in the basement.
It snowed today and made everything white. My sun shape in the garden broke in half so I have half a sun clay piece but it is fine. Half a sun smile is just as good as the whole. The plants left outside on the deck unfortunately died so that was sad but there you go.
I have a few inside the house that I am trying to revive but they may not make it.

In the end the writing room is full of my stuff and it looks ready for the computer and the art work. I am working in the bonus room until the last touches are done in the writing room.

I went downtown to look at glasses and the nice manager at Regent Optical helped our family so I thought I would put a good word about this store. We have done business at this place for decades and it is a good place to get eye wear.

Julie A.
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Our family has gone to this store many times in the past. It is a busy place and you have to get the attention of one of the many salespeople in the store. Once you have the attention of one of the employees, they do a good job isolating a selection of frames from the large selection present at the store.
The manager, Jason is helpful with fit, appointment with the optometrist and pricing of products.
I would say that the numbers of customers at this store is a good indication of the value you get for the products you buy.
Yes, sometimes it can be really busy and service can be delayed but other than the time it takes to get help I would say this is a good store with the products priced at a far more reasonable level than other places in Edmonton.

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