Thursday, October 20, 2016

late night grocery shopping

I took the parents shopping just now. It was late and they were tired but I want them to move about and they didn't get up early today and I had work to do in the house (cleaning toilets). All of this lead to late night grocery shopping.

Since I was at the store I decided to pick up an amaryllis.  The bulb was sprouting a small finger so I thought this was a good sign. It is a pink baby bulb.  I will plant it in the tall glass candle container. Sort of like this except my pot is taller and the poor flower may get stuck in the glass.

Amaryllis Dutch 'Apple Blossom' Amaryllis
This shape of container keeps amaryllis foliage from flopping over. Clear glass & natural stones is a nice variation:

I haven't yet got the cacti yet for my indoor garden. I will go on Sunday to Home Depot. Friday and Saturday is busy with Rebecca's sleep study so I won't be functional until Sunday.

I had a small rest on the bed this afternoon after cleaning the toilets. I felt very virtuous and humble after scrubbing the toilets which I hate doing. But I did it. There is no way you can feel like you are a somebody when you are cleaning toilets.

I haven't got to the library yet to pick up my book.  I have almost three books on hold (1 is in transit) Most of the books I requested via the TAL thing haven't arrived which is good as I am still rereading Don Domanski's book "BITE DOWN LITTLE WHISPER."

I will reread a bit of the book right now. The cacti problem I will leave for later. I don't need to buy the cacti as I could concentrate on my three African violets that I saved from death at the Home Depot but I have seen what cacti look in a group on Pinterest and I want a cacti farm. Once I like something I just do it. If it doesn't work out so what? I tried.

This is something that is very satisfying--which is seeing if you can keep something alive rather than killing it with love.

So many cuties:

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