Sunday, October 30, 2016

in the interim

read the lines
and wondered at their meaning

slept a bit
and came back for more

stumbled in the path
and fell down on my knees

got up and looked for markers
on this route to the new territory

but it was hopeless
and I decided it was best to simply wait 

I could not find my way out of the forest
I am stuck now in the darkness of the text

of course
I could give up but I am believe

I will  be able to navigate
these stormy oceans

after all I have read government nonsense
and so    reading a book about Dorothea Tanning

won't be as hard as that junk
I push through the thickets of neurons that are burning 

and I wait until the firing stills 
wish I had an alphabet at least

and a vocabulary of experience
so that I might have a map of sorts

but instead
I am in the writing room

with the book on my lap completely lost
I am trying to figure out each sentence

like a child
learning to read for the first time

it might all be 
written in another language

I figure that it will be another decade
before I can fit through this door

in the interim
let me struggle

the joy is within
these arguments and defeats

Coleman Hell - Fireproof

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