Saturday, October 29, 2016

I will wonder to myself

I read all I can
to find that I know nothing

and I write day and night
as if this might teach the route

of nothingness
I practice the duties of motherhood

and skip through the day
like a minor actress

it's troubling but there you go
I live for books     I can't be bothered with anything else

around me the books form cities
I am a map of words that fragment

one day I will wake up
and find myself tiny

as my mother is now
I will wonder to myself

how the heck this happened
meanwhile around me the cages snarl

with the language that demands attention
I wish I knew the way   to tame these critters

I wash my hands and put the meat onto plates
I feed the animals that demand this estate

I wish I knew how to train them
so that they would perform tricks

and how to ride donkeys
to the end of the street

I wish there was a circus correspondence course
that would take me to the end of one civilization

but of course
I am still in the writing room practicing sounds

Amelia Curran- Tiny Glass Houses (with lyrics)

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