Sunday, October 16, 2016

I cut the pieces myself and they lie on this table

thought about the next steps
decided to tidy up the place
did the work slowly
and concentrated
on family which is never a mistake

made my way to the story
that sits inside    and I watched
the soul in its plain handkerchief
that I carried in my hands   to the new place
I made a circus where the animals could roar

the soul's a singing bird
and won't stay silent
I put the handkerchief in the cage of the poem 
and I let the soul search for the exit
I hang the cage in front of me and listen

each day I examine that space
I think about the language that I make
and the words that are iridescent
I make the poem like I make anything
in random strikes and spills as if I were painting in that place 

in between the watching
I add texture and interest
so that I may understand facets
of the world that I inhabit   these are shining objects
that attract my attention       of course

the silence is a drug that puts the mind to sleep
I could wallow in that peace and absence
but instead    I study the missing pieces
of a puzzle that has taken me years to make
I cut the pieces myself      and they lie on this table

what will the puzzle say?
the picture is mysterious
the mind is a canvas
and the paints I use are silence
and music        the distance covered is the poem
Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker (Audio)

"Her Fancy"
24" x 36"
acrylic on canvas
See it in "Metamorphosis of Mood" Solo Exhibition, opening August 2012 at RJD Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY.
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