Thursday, October 27, 2016

I am in heaven.

It is late and I have a ton of bruises from the fall yesterday. My glasses are also damaged so it is hard to write.
Younger boy had to have a nap after he got home from NAIT. He is now squirreling away some sausage and cheese slices that aren't touching on his plate. He seems to avoid real food.

Soon I will put him to bed.
I am not sleepy myself since I am all bruised up and uncomfortable. Getting old is hard to take and tripping because I am not paying attention to curbs is a problem

I am in heaven.
I got my Dorothea Tanning book from the TAL Online place. But I have a stern warning not to lose the book and not be late either. I can't renew it. Sad.

I will devote myself first to this book and lavish all the aching time with her.
It's hard to believe that the Edmonton Public Library dumped their copy of this book. I will go to the book sale this weekend and try to find the dumped copy but I doubt I will find her. She will probably be taken by another Dorothea Tanning reader.

There are so many beautiful artists in the world. It's hard for me to suck it all up. I'd better go and keep reading. 

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