Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I aim for something close / to ordinary

I aim for something close
to ordinary
I wash the fabric of the work   and I put the material 
on the line to decide
will these oddities survive wearing in public?

I take the work out like fabric that is gossamer
I wait to decide
the garments that I make
and then I use my scissors to cut these amorphous shapes
 the patterns are unclear before I begin     but then they coalesce 

beginning is the part that stumps me
and the finishing I guess
between the two boundaries I shatter the hours
like glass figurines I sweep off the table of writing 
each moment of destruction results in a new poem

I watch the sky for the day to end
there is no hurry or mathematical calculations involved
the story is that I keep going
every day is a step up the ladder of discontent
I can't say this process will be anything like what I meant

dust cloaks the cities of books
and the sunlight net filters the shadows
the rolled up papers yellow and the hard facts collide
I wished for an easy life      but this is how to satisfy
what is deep inside   that hollow room of the mind

grass burns in the landscape outside
where the sun has flamed it to a bolus of light
and the dripping knife of night has lifted the skull of the moon
the stars remember their modesty
and meaning leaves the room

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