Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Edmonton Public School Board Meeting --Tuesday October 4, 2016 -------Edmonton Public School Meeting # 1; attended in person

After filling up Helva and doing the groceries, I went to my parents' place to fix the raised toilet seat on the toilet. It had fallen off.  I got through the prep for supper which is another stir fry and roasted some more peppers for use in pasta sauce. I then went to the school board meeting.

The Edmonton School Board meetings downtown are usually very boring. Today was no different. I could not find any visitor parking. Thus I had to circle here and there like a dog looking for a bone and lucked out on a place nearby.  I got into the school board meeting just in time. I listened to the chatter and then left early as I did not want to be stuck in traffic forever.

There was nothing interesting at the meeting. Global TV was there for the student trustee appointments. They seem like nice kids.  I heard chatter of health and wellness being the top issue for kids which is not a surprise considering the number of children with anxiety disorders.

The Janz guy got to be board chair again. This also was no surprise. Usually what I believe happens is that they have chatter behind closed doors about who wants to be board chair.  Folks do not usually go against the current board chair unless there is an election imminent.  Mr. Janz is lucky there is no election coming up.  Dave Colburn got only one term as board chair before being replaced by Sarah Hoffman. These board chair positions are simply diving boards out of the board itself into the wider pool of politics. Dave Colburn tried to be a city councillor and Sarah Hoffman is now an MLA.

I suspect there won't be any real competition to be the next board chair until it is closer to the next election and then we will see the future candidates spring into the media limelight courtesy of the board chair position which allows for the chair to yap to all and sundry about usually uninteresting topics.

The student trustees were far more lively than the real trustees. I had to leave early as it is hell in traffic and I missed all the rest of the chatter. But it is up on the website.

I might have to simply review the board meetings at home since it takes more time to go and come back than to be at these board meetings which should actually be called bored meetings. At home I can utilize the time better; if things get dull I can simply do the supper while waiting for the trustees to yap interminably.

If you want to review the data it is here:





There is no point going in person unless you want to yap in public to the board. It is all on the web and so it is more productive to stay at home and review paper chatter.

It might be more useful to go through the budget than to listen to the trustees yap interminably about things that are not interesting. Best to review paper rather than the people as the paper will tell you more about the money trail than will these meetings.




At the June 14, 2016 board meeting, Trustees approved the 2016-2017 Budget, which is based on projected student enrolment at the end of September 2016.


The 2016-2017 approved budget reflects:
  • total expenses of $1.122 billion
  • an increase of 2,880 students (or 3.2 per cent), for a projected total of 95,355 students at  the end of September 2016
  • using $32.5 million in operational surplus funds to support initiatives such as the implementation of digital reporting to better support student learning, increased supports to schools to meet the needs of English language learners and newcomers, hiring additional math/numeracy consultants, and enhanced training that will allow staff to better support student mental health
  • System administration and board governance spending is 3% of the total budget, which is less than the 3.6% cap set by the Province


Review the District's 2014-2015 Audited Financial Statements.


Find previous years' budgets, plans and results:



Each school and central department develop a plan that aligns with district plans and strategies. School plans include initiatives that address the District’s priorities in support of student learning. Central department plans include initiatives that address the District’s priorities through the support they provide to schools. For more information, please contact your school principal or a department administrator.


We prepare a budget and submit it to Alberta Education each spring for the upcoming school year. In the fall, we submit an updated budget that reflects September 30 enrolment counts. Each school and central department prepares a revised budget to reflect current staffing, they way they plan to use any surplus funds carried over from the last school year, and other assumptions made in the spring budget. 


Results reviews highlight achievement results, the implications of those results for the next school year and a financial summary of each school or central department as of August 31. These documents are part of the District's obligation to publicly report on the successes and challenges we face when providing quality education for students, our use of public funds and our schools’ and central departments’ yearly achievement results. The District is responsible for interpreting and reporting results to parents, students, Alberta Education and the public and using the results to improve the quality and effectiveness of programming. For more information please contact your school principal or a department administrator.

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