Saturday, October 1, 2016


I am digging myself out of my writing area. There is paper everywhere as I try to organize information and put stuff into recycling.  I have been vacuuming up information for the past five years and it is in boxes and rubber tubs everywhere.
The art supplies are getting organized as I do the paper work. I have put current work into a cardboard box on the side table so that I don't mix it up with the rest of the paper.

The kitchen is clearing house central right now.  Tomorrow the writing room will be puttied up and then I will paint the walls. It will be done in two coats and I will then start to organize the placement of stuff.

The books have been left for now. I will sort the books as I read them so this is a long term project.

Meanwhile I have got rid of most of my clothes. I usually dress in jeans and a shirt /sweater so this was no big deal in the end.

Decluttering is going soooo slowly. But I guess this is just the way it is.

I seem to be a magnet for paper and as such I will have to control my need to print out information.
I like to highlight and play with the information before I process it but I will simply try to read it on the computer and not play with paper or I will have a wall of paper in the new writing room.

Older boy's stuff is in the closet where I moved it and I can't do much about the clothes there.  I have no closet to put younger boy's art work so the emptied out IKEA cupboard that I used for my clothes will double as his art work storage unit. I haven't got it moved out of the bedroom yet because I haven't got the writing room up or the bonus room set up for his studio.

All this decluttering means that I will be spending October putting stuff into the dump or for donation. It's troubling but there you go.

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