Monday, October 24, 2016

Decluttering -Monday October 24, 2016

I got through the linen closet which is now the towel closet. I had ten million sheets that I never used so I have put them into four garbage bags for donation to Goodwill. Other folks who make their beds properly will use these sheets.
I have kept a few fitted sheets for  younger boy and for us and the rest are all gone.
I have a few blankets in reserve but I have sent the rest away.
There is no point hanging on to stuff like this as other folks can use this stuff.

Having got through the linen closet I did another round through my clothes and got rid of more clothes. Who knows how these clothes multiply but I have the closet full. I will keep doing periodic sweeps to verify the Zen situation.

The bonus room papers and bills still have to be got through as well as papers from my writing room but slowly goes it.

The last book shelf is lonely and will be pruned soon enough.

Things are progressing as I had hoped.
The house is breathing a little bit lighter.
I have four bags of stuff in Helva that I emptied out of the house.
The basement is full but I will work on it later.

For now I will sit in the writing room reading Don Domanski and wondering how stuff gets to us and how stuff will be evacuated from us.
It's mysterious. A cycle of things.  

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