Friday, October 28, 2016

Birthday | Dorothea Tanning | 1942

here is the door
that fascinates me
what lies beyond it?
and how will I see?

is the door closed for a reason?
or is it proof
that something is hidden
in a nest with  a roof?

surely you think
a room's for the filling?
there are treasures to be found
and this why I am willing

to open the door
and seek what curiosity impels
the dismantling of the images
that constitute these shells

behind the solid real there be
burnt oranges and clusters of stars
there be monsters in closets
and ghosts riding small cars

trust in the mind
and the pale whimpering soul
this is not a difficult matter
to open the door to your gaol

    to blister open the flesh
of the stolen heart
expect miracles and shine the dark
don't be afraid   make a start!

Birthday | Dorothea Tanning | 1942

Birthday | Dorothea Tanning | 1942
Birthday | Dorothea Tanning | 1942
“Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism” was an exhibition which took place in the MoMA in 1936 and transformed the vision of the artists on regards modern art. Among them, we find Dorothea Tanning, a freelance illustrator who worked in New York. From there, she became familiar with the works by Max Ernst, one of the pioneers of the movement who, in 1942, visited Tanning in her studio. As today’s painting was untitled, he suggested its name, Birthday. A week later, they started a relationship; until they married in some kind of surrealist wedding á trois next to Man Ray.
In Birthday, we see a self portrait of Tanning wearing a strange dress. The top of it has sleeves typical of the clothes the kings wore long time ago, leaving her breasts uncovered. Under the waist, Tanning wears some kind of black skirt with an accessory like roots on her back. The artist is opening a door which shows an infinite succession of doors half opened. At the lower right corner, we can see a furry creature representing a pet. Indeed, it is surrealistic.

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