Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This and That Wednesday September 28, 2016

It is cold outside. I am finishing off younger boy's toast slices that he did not eat this morning. The house is like a small furnace compared to the chill outside.

 I have watered my poor cold plants on the deck. They will soon have to come in.

 I spent some time yesterday looking at hotel prices. Too costly.  I will wait for a last minute sale before we run off to the mountains for a trip.

It is supposed to rain by Friday. This means that I will have to find places in the house soon for the deck plants.

The week has gone by and I haven't yet got through all the paper on the kitchen table. I will work on it after Rebecca's appointment at the dentist.  The visit to Dr. Shell is six months now for cleaning as she needs to have this sort of review.  AISH only covers one visit but I will simply do the repeat because it is prevention and pay out of her pocket.

It's hard to feel boisterous today with the muddy sky outside and the threatening chill.  At least the sunflowers match the skies in their lowered blackened cow like heads which are everywhere in the garden.  I haven't done anything about the sunflowers in the back bed since they are out of the way. Only the sunflowers in the side bed were chopped and put in the metal basket as portable bird seed feeders.  It is too much bother to put out the bird seed and this is why I simply grow bird seed in my garden. All the birds seem to love sunflower seeds on the fly.  It might be health food on the go.

I don't feel like doing anything so other than Rebecca's trip out to Dr. Shell and then to do the grocery shopping for her bananas that I ate, I won't do anything.

When you are blah it is best to wait for inspiration. I am surfing Pinterest for ideas for the writing room which is still in genesis. It's a lot of fun planning a new place in the old house.

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