Tuesday, September 27, 2016

for they are afraid

and sift through the information
to find the gaps in reality

sit down for years
so as to be still

watch the faces in the meetings
and work for change

and when you see intimidation
be gentle and kind

for they are afraid
the system's dissolving

and the people will gain
the insecurity is in their heads

for the  masses are on the move
we want change and we aren't waiting for government

we take our children with us
as we leave the estate of the past

and we head for the future
where the children might be free

we understand herd behaviour
and lives of futility

and when you're clear on the facts
and when the investigations indicate

rampant self interest
publicize these events

no political party is safe
from social media and the consequences

of poor decisions
the information you get will prove

one family can't do it
nor can a few

but put us all together
and the system will dissolve     just like butter in a hot pan

just like sugar on  a spoon
placed in water

just like the outline of the moon
and so

work for decades
to show the neat fellowship of all

work for decades
so as to uphold the rules

those rules
that government forgets

we're all in this together
except for the citizens


Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker (Audio)

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