Thursday, October 17, 2013

my report card for Mr. Bryan Anderson differs from those of other constituents in ward 9

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Subject: Change will happen

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am speaking about representation.
Infrastructure  is not representation.

Your position on the Katz Arena, in my opinion is not reflective of the opinions held by the citizens of Edmonton.

The majority of the citizens like myself are concerned about the use of public funds to provide corporate welfare.

I don't think it is useful for me to review the opinions of folks who support you.

They are probably nice people who are happy with your work.

Well good for them.

I'm a nice person as well but I expect more than your poor performance as a yes person for the Mandel guy on the city council.
I expect you to represent my views and be fiscally conservative in managing my tax dollars.
I expect you to work in the PUBLIC interest and not the private interest alone.
That's what is meant by being a representative of the people in a democracy.

You are not my boss.
I am your boss. 
And my term evaluation of you is that you are doing badly. 

Please don't think I am the only one who thinks that you have not represented Riverbend families well.
There are folks out in this community who like you --just like I like you---but we still think you are deadwood on the city council as is Mr. Caterina.

You all pretend to serve us but its all a sham.
In fact, the only ones you really serve are yourselves and the folks who keep you all in power.
This is why we have a deMockracy at every level of government.

Folks like myself who were naive and trusted our government to do the jobs we gave them--- feel rightly betrayed by all the folks we elected to government---and don't think for one minute we will stand by now that we are awake and stop agitating for change.

There will be change.
It may not be right now but it will happen.
Change will happen.

I have never looked at your work prior to the Katz arena.
You just were not on my radar.
But the Katz arena corporate welfare project-----was a stimulus that got me to look at your performance.
I have not been impressed with it.
While you are a nice man -as are all the folks I have been in contact with--nice just doesn't cut it--now that I see that you are all in the pockets of developers.

And getting us a recreation center in Riverbend isn't enough for kudos from this stay at home mummy.

You should have said no to the Katz Arena.
You should have stood up for us and got us a better deal.
Instead you caved to the Mandel guy.
This  is all taxpayer cash.
And I believe that the cost for us will be over $1 billion dollars.
We will pay for the cost overruns as is required by municipal law.
You knew all of this and yet said yes to every single decision by the Mandel guy as directed by Katz and the downtown business association. I have no doubt in my mind that you were all decided about the Katz arena before the last election but no mention was made of it before we hired you all. It was all about the city center airport. The airport closure had to be pushed through so that height restrictions could be eased and builders could make more profits building taller buildings. Don't think I am not aware of the steps you have all taken before the major players exited this little drama. Mandel and the Katz Krew left so that we can't hold them accountable for this corporate welfare project.
But I can hold you accountable and I will.
Watch me every step of the way--for your next term in office ---ask you about the costs of the Katz arena looking at every piece of the project and asking you for reasons for the cost overruns that are certain. I believe you will get elected again because the folks in Riverbend for the most part trust that you are doing a good job and don't actually know the details of your work on city council. 
It's no difference to me if you get elected or not--but I won't be voting for you.

Also watch me ask about the costs of all the new developments that were pushed through by this city council for no good reason.
I am sure you could have also investigated the financials for the new developments in more depth than you did before agreeing to each of the ASPs that came before you.

Where is your information about how we will pay for the new subdivisions' infrastructure on your blog?

Where is the information about how you are working to resolve the $19 billion infrastructure deficit  that will be exacerbated by the addition of the Katz arena?

Why did you vote to eliminate good agricultural land in the N.E. --when we have a fifty year supply of land for development? Why did you allow the land flipping deal by Waltons to go through just before the current development happy councillors get fired? Why is the Horse Hill ASP --like the other developments all approved without the financial figures before the citizens of Edmonton?
I'd say because you all did not want the financials before you all made these development decisions because you would have all had a hard time justifying it to fiscally conservative voters like myself who will not stand by and let her sons' futures be mortgaged to pay for the profits of the 1%

Where was your work on poverty elimination?

How did you address the children and adults in Edmonton who are homeless?

Why was the priority always on the Katz arena, developments and the downtown business association?

I'd say because you don't represent families but you do represent the business folks who pay for your campaigns.
This is true for all the councillors and the mayor.

Where is your information on the job well done?

I'm looking for performance not sound bites from friends and folks who don't know what you do in city council which appears to be simply occupy space and collect money in salary.

Where are these performance highlights of this last term in office?

I'd say they are very few and far between.

Infrastructure in our neighborhood maybe your only concern but I look at the broad picture for Edmonton and it's not good enough.

It's just not good enough.


Julie Ali

From: "Bryan Anderson" <>
To: "Julie Ali" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 11:07:05 AM
Subject: Recent blog

In one of your recent blogs berating Councillor Caterina you also indicated that Ward 9 infrastructure was in excellent condition in spite of the fact that Councillor Anderson doesn't deal with individual citizen needs and wants.
Might I suggest that the supportive statements by Ward 9 ( former ward 5) residents are certainly testimony to the fact that when people ask questions, they get answers.  When they need information, they get it.  When they have a problem, I work to solve it.  My response to citizens occurs within 48 hours on a regular basis.
All of these people cant be wrong.  They are satisfied citizens.

Bryan K. Anderson
Councillor, Ward 9

Bryan has been an exceptional representative for the citizens of both his ward and the rest of Edmonton on City Council. His integrity and his view to the issues at hand provide what we as citizens need from our elected officials.
Howard Worrell, Windermere

I have known Councillor Bryan Anderson for the entire 14 years of my Riverbend community volunteerism. Bryan has been attentive and responsive to the needs of my local neighbourhood community of Brookview as well as the entire Terwillegar Riverbend area. He is an active member of the community, attending all meetings of the Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council and is continually seen at most community events. He is an outspoken member of the City Council, always speaking up on matters of concern and always ready to dig into issues that are important to the Riverbend area as well as the entire City of Edmonton. 

When we can’t get answers from the City, Bryan is able to get the right people connected to make things happen. He has an amazing understanding of the how to get things done at the City. He is an exceptional supporter of community groups as well as the individual residents of Ward 9.

There have been countless times he has assisted the community in fast tracking solutions. I would be very pleased to have Bryan Anderson continue for another term as our Councillor. He is an integral part of the community and a valuable asset to us all.
Harold Hornig, Bulyea Heights

Bryan Anderson has been an outstanding Councillor for Ward 9 for the past 15 years. Bryan can be counted on to follow up on questions and inquiries from his constituents, and he has always worked hard to represent the interests of the citizens of southwest Edmonton. The Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre is just one of the many significant community initiatives that Bryan has strongly advocated for. I am pleased to endorse Bryan Anderson for re-election as our Ward 9 Councillor!
Dave Rumbold, Rhatigan Ridge Neighbourhood

Bryan Anderson is a valued supporter and resource. His community contributions are extraordinary and set a new standard for what we can expect from our councillors and municipal representatives.
Mike Boychuk, Leger

I have found Bryan to be upfront and straight forward man who does not mince words and uses his experience to the betterment of the riding and city. He has my vote.
Bob Higgins, Richford

Mr. Anderson, a number of days ago I happened to be listening to the radio while driving to Kinsmen, when I heard part of the live coverage of city council debating the ‘arena project’ before the final vote. With so much information ‘bombarding’ the listeners, I thought your measured and facts-only comments to be informative, logical, and, frankly, calming. Bryan, I look forward to your next years on Council.
Craig Roskin, Laurier Heights

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly in regards to my inquiry about the trees in Henderson Park. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of your response and also with how quickly this matter will be addressed. 

Please pass my thanks on to the city staff who will be helping to make the park a safer place for the kids.
Tessa Stanley, Henderson Estates

Mr. Anderson has put the full weight of the resources of being a Councillor at City Hall behind residents' challenges in Twin Brooks. Mr. Anderson has always been accessible by phone and email when residents and the Twin Brooks Community League members wish to address challenges, projects, and events. He listens attentively and attends all of Community Meetings which the Twin Brooks Community League hosts. He knows who and what resources to bring to bear on each subject. He is influential, resourceful, diplomatic, and courageous.

Mr. Anderson, along with the Mayor and all of Council, voted in July 2012 to change Bylaw 15101 so that the Proposed 4 lane arterial roadway through the Twin Brooks District & Nature Park connecting 119 St to 23 rd Ave in Blue Quill, would be removed from the Transportation Master Plan.
Ida Richards, Twin Brooks

When municipal issues have affected our community, Bryan Anderson has been incredibly supportive by meeting with our community leaders, being accessible for discussions and offering direction when needed. Bryan Anderson's knowledge of the inner workings of the City and his extensive experience has been invaluable.
Elmar Klapstein, President, Brookview Community League

Our community was faced (and still is) with a major rezoning application that would alter our neighbourhood to an extent so great, residents became very concerned and vocal. We turned to Bryan Anderson, our City Councillor, for advice and leadership on how to come up with a workable solution. Bryan took our emails, phone calls and agreed to join us at our community meetings. He provided clarity to the processes the City would take in its decision making and listened to our concerns, helping to push forward a solution that would benefit all. Although we continue to monitor the rezoning application and look for a solution, we are confident Bryan will continue to work with us and communicate any new developments. 
Jocelyn Love, Windermere North

I have known Bryan for the past 15 years as our city councillor.  He is very involved, supportive and approachable when it comes to issues in our community.  He takes the time to attend community meetings and many community events, which gives him a great understanding of the concerns and needs facing the residents in the greater Riverbend area.  Time and time again Bryan has helped residents with questions and works diligently to provide direction.  He has always advocated for and assists the community.  I am pleased to support Bryan Anderson as our Councillor.
Sue Trigg, Ramsay Heights

Bryan has been a great representative, leader, supporter, advocate and participant in our community. He truly understands our community and his timely response and involvement in our issues, show his commitment to serving us well. Bryan is easy to work with.  He is very professional in his approach and is a team player.  So much, we consider him part of the family.  Looking forward to working with him for the next 4 years!
Rob Agostinis, Whitemud Hills (Carter Crest)

For over a decade, when I had a question Councillor Anderson got me an answer.  When I wanted information, he provided it.  When I had an issue with City services, he dealt with it appropriately.  I look forward to having him on Council for the next term.
Mattie Matheson, Ermineskin 

Bryan Anderson is a great leader and representative for Ward 9.  As always he listens first and then helps, this attitude carries thru in his participation in meetings, and in responding quickly to various emails and phone calls. Bryan is always approachable and speaks to residents at their level in order to better understand and represent their views and concerns civically. You will see Bryan at many local community functions interacting with residents and being a huge supporter of all the great community projects and programs. I look forward to working with Bryan in the future.
Sherri Jaillet-Martinez, Bulyea Heights (Brookview)

The Terwillegar Gardens Homeowners Association has approached Councillor Bryan Anderson to address concerns raised by our Association and membership on several occasions over the past four years. As each issue was raised with Councillor Anderson, we found him to be very receptive to input from the community and responsive to our challenges. His approach to any point raised has been fair, balanced and mindful of the needs of our community as well as the City of Edmonton as a whole. Bryan Anderson has brought our expressed concerns to many departments and levels of the city's administration as well as elevating to special committees until the matter was handled with an effective response. The Terwillegar Gardens Homeowners Association sincerely appreciates the commitment of Councillor Anderson on behalf of our community. 
Ray Tralnberg, President, Terwillegar Gardens Homeowners Association 

Bryan is an engaged and accessible councillor who I have known for literally decades.  He keeps well informed and is consistent in his approach and values to issues impacting his ward and the city generally.  Bryan is an advocate, and often facilitator, on ward issues always seeking a balanced solution.  He has championed numerous initiatives for the good of our community.  I support his return to council.
Don Hickey, Magrath

I would like to express my heart-felt and sincere gratitude for your and your staff members constant follow-up and honest effort to solve the long-standing dispute, as we never expected that this dispute would be solved easily, without your intervention.
Anand Rao, Twin Brooks 

Thank you for all the work you do for us as a league. You have done a great job in facilitating the removal of road blocks in the past.
Gil Rueck, Blackmud Creek  

Bryan is amazing at finding answers to questions his constituents have.  He follows through, and finds ways to solve problems that arise quickly, clearly, and with integrity.  He responds with creative ways to address the issues we face.  His work on our behalf is greatly valued.
Steve, Terwillegar Towne 

Bryan is responsive and has an incredible knowledge of the issues in our neighbourhood. He works hard to solve them.
Steve Simala Grant
Executive Director, Terwillegar Towne Homeowners Association 

I have known Bryan Anderson since 1985. As Councillor for Ward 9, Bryan has always been quick to respond to issues of concern. Bryan is actively engaged in the community, and is well-prepared with facts to support positive solutions to problems and challenges facing residents. His deep commitment to help and serve the community is benefit to constituents of Ward 9.
Mike Lanteigne, Chair
Esther Starkman School Council 

We would like to thank you for the speedy action with the tree planting in the field behind our house. We would again like to thank you for your involvement in this matter.
Gerald And Sandy, Rhatigan Ridge.

Bryan Anderson works tirelessly to identify and address the heart of any matter. He successfully advocated on behalf of Scona Pool and its constituents to have the pool remain open for 2009 and the remainder of 2010. Bryan embraces the needs within Edmonton's south side communities and seeks solutions by bringing together partners to build stronger communities for tomorrow's future.
Gary R. Maier, Director, RiverCity Recreation Inc

Thank you for the prompt reply and action into my inquiry. This has been my first and only discussion with any member of Council and I am pleased with your efficiency and that of your staff. Thank you very much.
J. Forbes, Leger

I truly appreciate your diligence on this matter. According to my mother, the folks who live at the apartments are all a buzz. The construction of the sidewalks will be of tremendous help and security to our precious elders.
K.D. Lang, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for the follow up. I'm impressed… and … actually, it does help.
Jennifer Martin, Terwillegar Towne

We would like to thank you for your part in making the process of working together a reality rather than just a hope and the interest you showed toward our concern for our home and property.
Dave & Michele Oldham

Thank you for having the potholes repaired, the job was completed within a couple of days of your intervention.
Charan Khehra, Keheewin

Thank you very much for this very detailed and informative response - it was well worth the delay to have a full description of the situation and ramifications.
Patricia Hartnagel, Aspen Gardens

We came home from holidays in March 2010 to our home in Windermere Ridge and found ourselves buried in 3 feet of snow. We called the City of Transportation and there was no response. We then phoned Mr. Anderson and he came by on his own time the same night for us. The snow was removed within 12 hours.
Abe and Suzanne Robalo, Windermere

This message is to advise you of the very immediate response by the various departments to address the work required in this cul de sac. Thank you very much for your part in making this happen.
Joan, Whitemud Creek

I've never allowed ANY campaign sign on my property, simply because, for whom I vote or support is my own business. This is the rarest of exceptions as a 'thank you' gesture for helping to take up my cause. Many people will hear about your involvement over the next few months and it will be my pleasure.
Ken & Debbie, Lendrum

Bryan - The floor guys have confirmed that while the GO Centre is the 5th largest gymnasia at one place in North America, it is the largest installation of hardwood in one building. Another thing for Edmonton to hoot and holler about. Keep that feather in your cap… would not have happened without you.
David Dorward, Founder & Past President of the GO Community Centre Board

The positioning of the security lighting at the Century Park "park and ride" lot initially created significant problems for our residents. The new high beam lighting had inadvertently been directed to shine into our windows instead of on the parking lot. I phoned Councillor Anderson and explained the problem. Only two hours later, electrical experts phoned to set up a meeting for that evening to take photos of the lighting. By the end of the week, all the lamps had been re-positioned to shine down. We all appreciate the prompt action Councillor Anderson took to solve this problem. Thank you for taking the time to listen to us and act immediately to our great satisfaction.
Mattie Matheson, Heritage Park Towers East


Bryan Anderson: This is an easy one. Anderson is the consummate constituency politician. If you live in his ward and need a councillor’s ear, you’ll get one. Anderson returns e-mail and he returns phone calls. He attends countless meetings in his ward. He is one of council’s hardest working politicians, period. He gets criticized sometimes for his tendency to look for middle ground on issues, instead of simply voting yes, or no. But he is a consensus builder on council, as shown by his ability to deliver a number of surprising yes votes on the controversial 23rd Avenue proposal. Another A-plus rating.
Scott McKeen, “People with drive, vision get my vote” 
Many, many thanks for the way you so swiftly attacked the myriad problems in the north-west corner of the intersection of Rabbit Hill Road and 23rd avenue... I applaud your efforts on our behalf.
Paul Robison, Leger
Thank you for answering my concerns about transit fares. I appreciate getting replies.  It makes me think someone read my letter!
Gerri Young, Skyrattler
Mr. Anderson, thank-you for looking into this. At the moment some gravel spread in the 100 yards before the parking lot would be a good interim measure... I am pleased to note that several loads of stones and gravel have been spread down by the parking lot and the road is now drivable. Thank-you for your response to my concern.
Brian, Grandview
Bryan, you have been a great help. Thank you for taking the time.
Gail Aboughoche, South Terwilleger
I wanted to thank you...for your efforts yesterday in representing the communities of the Southwest including the schools. I appreciated the time you...have taken to help us understand the issues and the challenges we faced.
Bobbie Pichett, Royal Gardens
Bryan thanks for your support and advice on the safe intersection matter. Your idea to produce a video gave us a lot of credibility.
Mike Pankiw
Thank goodness that Bryan Anderson has "seen the light" and spoke up for an ordinary sign with fir trees, flowers, etc. Thank you.
Evelyn Henderson
Bryan, thank you for taking the time to respond to my concerns.
Liz Bussiere, Terwillegar Towne
Thank you for your back bone and conviction on this issue. I am proud to be in the one ward that both Councillors are willing to stand up for both the constituents and themselves.
Harold Hornig, Bulyea Heights
Bryan... Your presence and support is greatly appreciated by me, and by the community as a whole.  I do not envy you the difficult and contrary position that you had to take today to support your citizens – well done.
Jeff Baird, Twin Brooks
We understand that there are many different opinions and interests.  We did not hope for more than having our point of view considered which you kindly did.
Marek Malac
Thank you for all your efforts in defeating the potential Malmo expropriation. The stress has dropped off and home is still home.
Katherine M. Nicoll, Malmo
I was forwarded your e-mail to Rick Ducharme regarding the S-LRT from 61 avenue southward and want to take time to commend you for your efforts and excellent points. I believe you have captured the interest of the neighborhoods along the route. Again, thank you.
Mary-Jane Turnell, Malmo
Bryan we thank you so much for all your efforts and support re this serious matter. We now sleep much better knowing our home is not going to be taken away.
Anice and Dick Kulak, Malmo
We felt you listened to our concerns and responded quickly and took the time to follow up. We appreciate your attention to this problem on our behalf.
Lorie and Paul Grundy, Belgravia
Thank you for taking the time to mediate between the concerns of the Windermere Community League members and the interests of the developers in Windermere. Your straight forward approach was refreshing and provided both sides with a solution. Your time and effort is appreciated!
Shane Erickson
"Sport and recreation dollars are the first things to be cut when the boom goes away and the last thing to come back when the boom arrives," Councillor Bryan Anderson told Council today.  He made the motion for Council to start seeking more recreation funding. Anderson told reporters after the meeting that deterioration of sports facilities is a "nationwide pandemic."  People talk about the benefits of sports in keeping youth out of trouble and keeping people healthy, he said, but the dollars to provide those sports haven't followed.
Susan Ruttan, Edmonton Journal
I am compelled to write this, because of how impressed we were with the way that our problem was handled.  We expected to be heard and then sent on our merry way, but you blew all the stops out and showed us that the City is run by a group of professional elected officials.
Harold Hornig, Bulyea Heights
Thanks for your hard work.
The Healey Family
Thank you for your strength, courage and vision in leading the City of Edmonton toward the decision to construct the South West Recreation Centre, including the 53 meter facility.  Many people talk about making Edmonton a better place to live, work and play. However, today you took action that will make Edmonton better for the citizens. I want you to know that there are people out there, including me, who support you and your vision for the future of sport and recreation.
Don Dombrosky
Thank you Bryan for your timely e-mail reply, it is rewarding to see such a quick response.  I trust your judgment on this complicated issue. Again, thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule and treating my e-mail with attention.
Myron Seibold
You do a lot of good work in the city and represent ward 5 very well.
Shawn Metheral, Steinhauer
Thank you for forwarding the information about the bus service to me. I would also like to thank you for contacting my husband to inform him of the reasons supporting the rezoning of the former Victoria Greenhouses site. We now have a better understanding.
Sherry Scott, Blackburne
I wish to extend our sincere thanks for your advice and intervention to place us on the March 7 Council Public hearing date.  Your leadership and support of our proposed DC2 rezoning at Council on Monday was most appreciated.
Connie Gourley
Thank you Bryan, for listening to the people. Thank you for being a great liaison, and assisting in delaying the construction at the park.
Sandra Ayre
Bryan - thank you very much for the help you have given.
Blair Slater, Terwillegar Towne
Thank you very much for all of the help you have given us, and indeed, for your concern in this matter.
Brent Kostyniuk, Allendale
I would like to extend my compliments on your prompt response to my letter. I would also like to thank you again for your assistance regarding the sidewalk in front of our complex [and] doubt that we would have received an appropriate response without your help. Thanks on behalf of the residents of West Creek.
Arnie and Marj Pepper, Twin Brooks
As you might have seen, our sign is now up on 111 street. Thank you so much for your quick reply and attention to this.
Erika Hunting, Greenfield Nursery School
I would personally like to thank you for your tremendous efforts in helping iHuman. Locating a suitable building in this crazy boom time has given everyone in the society (clients, staff and board) a real lift and created a very positive energy to work from.
Sandra Bromley
I would like to personally thank you Bryan for your immediate attention to this issue! I find it gratifying that you have shown interest in this issue.
Pat Henning
Your continued support and enthusiasm is such a treat and so very important in making the GO Centre a reality.
Jane Styles
I want to express my thanks to you, firstly for taking the initiative in making the inquiry based on my SDAB chair’s report and secondly for the motion you made in response to the planning and development report.  Thanks to your action, I feel very good about my year as Chair of SDAB.
Noel Sommerville
I thank you so much for your time looking into this (Twin Brooks Park Misuse)Yes I must say you can get things done!
Brandi, Twin Brooks
A short note to say how much we appreciate the support that you have given us over the last few years.  It is refreshing and gratifying to meet with a civic representative who not only responds promptly to our inquiries but also follows through on what he says he will do.  Your understanding of the complex challenges that high risk youth face as well as the positive impact on the community that practical help for youth produces speaks volumes for your compassion and history of working with youth.  The latest support from the City of Edmonton of a program facility clearly illustrates your commitment to Edmonton Youth.
Sandra Bromley, Co-President, iHuman Youth Society
I am grateful for your follow-up on this matter.  I suspect City Administration has learned, as have I, that you will always look into a constituent’s issues.    
Keith Ferguson
I would like to thank you for going to bat for our communities.
Tom Schroepfer, Lendrum Fence Committee
"Councillor Anderson has spent countless evening hours working with our community reps and city officials on the South LRT Extension project consultation process.   His dedication and representation of our community interests has been exemplary."  
Alex Khan, Malmo Community League, President
I have personally found Councillor Anderson to be very approachable; he will listen to residents’ concerns and ideas – and will follow-up with appropriate advice or direction for further action.
It has been especially noticed and appreciated by many in our community, over the last year, the extra “mile” (extra time and effort) Councillor Anderson has gone, in his assistance and attendance at our many important community consultation meetings.   
Diane Cocquyt,
Lendrum Community League, Civics Representative
Thank you for your assistance in addressing this issue and hopefully the mud-jacking will resolve the problem and prevent any further safety concerns in this area.
Don Smith, Aspen Gardens
On behalf of the Little Big Run, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and, in particular, to personally let you know that it was involvement like yours that contributed to the success of the inaugural 2007 Edmonton Journal Little Big Run.
Tom Keogh, Event Director Edmonton Journal Little Big Run
Endorsing Bryan Anderson is easy after seeing the kind of motivation and energy he demonstrates when promoting a project he believes in.  It is this single-mindedness that sets such a positive example and inspires others to get involved when something they believe in comes their way.
When thinking of Bryan a number of words come to mind; loyal, enthusiastic, advocate and community leader.  He is someone with a forthright style and a direct approach; someone committed to the City of Edmonton and to those citizens who make this city special.
David C. Dorward, CA President, Board of Directors
GO Community Centre
Thank you for understanding the value of partnerships between the City and Community groups that enhance recreational opportunities for all Edmontonians.  We especially appreciate the invaluable leadership you have provided to strengthen and expand Edmonton Nordic Ski Club’s partnership with the City.
Kathy Williams Past President, Edmonton Nordic Ski Club
I have had to contact Councillor Anderson about different community issues a number of times since he was first elected to Council.  I have always found him very approachable and willing to help as much as possible.
Sandy Guilbert, Belgravia
We have been working in partnership with the City of Edmonton for the past two years with respect to the redevelopment of the Argyll Velodrome. With the guidance and leadership of Councillor Bryan Anderson, this project has moved from a dream into a reality.
Pauline Smitheman & David EmburyProject ManagersArgyll Velodrome Association

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