Saturday, December 1, 2012

a sea of souls

Sea Grape
Various species of Mahonia are native to our area, though I believe this is a cultivated variety. The berries are edible.

globules and kidney glomeruli
that bulge out in cascades
posted rounds of a sea
that waves as you go by

sudden drenches of sky
that have collected in bunches
long horoscopes of the future
that mangle out their swirls and signs

the door to heaven that is close enough to try
each blur of blue signals smoke to me
the proof of maturity and the slipper of
movement     some days the only way to understand

the world    is to stand before the fruit
of the tree   and wait for what is a sea of grapes
to fall    as if this is all we are to do    is to simply trust
in the harvest     that is all about us

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